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What PISA Scores Reveal About Immigration

by Lewis Loflin

What is PISA? "PISA is the OECD's Program for International Student Assessment. PISA measures 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges."

For those that chose to participate in PISA, this indicates the intellectual level of a nation's citizens. This series of tests is related to scientific and technical advancement, stable politics, etc. These scores are also critical when it comes to immigration. The intellectual and social deficiencies in nations of origin get reproduced here.

PISA is a direct indicator of intellectual ability on a national scale.

This doesn't refer to "brain draining" third-world nations of the few successful people, but the masses themselves. Those test scores scared the hell out of me but were no surprise considering immigrant outcomes in America.

South Africa and India were so dismal they refused to participate. No African, Latin American, or Muslim nation scored in the top half. Even Israel, an "intellectual giant," did little better than Muslim Turkey.

Diversity is killing US education. Texas school systems are now 26.5% white, 53% Hispanic, black 12.7%, Asian 4.7% in 2021. Texas state-wide reading failure rate is 58%. Their state-wide math failure rate is 63%. If one is not proficient, then they are failing. A 50% drop from 2010-2021. After the Covid fiasco and more illegal aliens, things are certainly worse.

These reports make no sense. ~61% are "economically disadvantaged" (meaning failing minority), ~22% can't speak English, ~12% mentally retarded, slow, or other problems (special education).

What do they call special education now? "Individualized Education Program (IEP)" Yet they claim a 90% graduation rate?

US whites out-scored all other white nations except Estonia and out-scored Japan and Korea in 2018. US Hispanics scored poorly but better than any other Latin American nation. US whites in science scored 40 points above the global OECD average, and American blacks scored 49 points below for an intellectual gap of 89 points.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
Estonia 525 523 523 530
U.S. Whites 521 531 503 529
United States 495 505 478 502
U.S. multiracial 492 501 474 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
B-S-J-Z (China) 579 555 591 590
Singapore 556 549 569 551
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
Macau (China) 542 525 558 544
Hong Kong 531 524 551 517
U.S. Whites 521 531 503 529
Japan 520 504 527 529
South Korea 520 514 526 519
Taiwan 517 503 531 516
United States 495 505 478 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Israel 465 470 463 462
Turkey¹ 463 466 454 468
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
Malaysia¹ 431 415 440 438
Thailand¹ 413 393 419 426
Indonesia 382 371 379 396
Philippines¹ 350 340 353 357

Note that I changed "Chinese Taipei" to Taiwan. While China is on top, they only test in their most prosperous cities, not the entire country. Vast tracks of rural China are poor and backward.

Singapore is an interesting case of contrasts. "Republic of Singapore is an island country and city-state." It became an independent country in 1965 from Malaysia. It is ~75% ethnic Chinese. It scores nearly at the top in intellectual ability and thus is prosperous. In science, they score 551 or 61 points above the OECD average.

But Malaysia scores a pathetic 438 in science below low-achieving US blacks or 51 points below the OECD average. They still score better than Thailand (426), Indonesia (396), and the Philippines (357).

In Europe, Scandinavian whites far outscore whites from the Balkans in the way East Asians outscore all other Asians.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
OECD average 488 487 489 489
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Chile 438 452 417 444
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
Uruguay 424 427 418 426
Mexico¹ 416 420 409 419
Costa Rica¹ 415 426 402 416
Colombia¹ 405 412 391 413
Peru¹ 402 401 400 404
Brazil¹ 400 413 384 404
Argentina 395 402 379 404
Dominican Rep. 334 342 325 336

Hispanics are a particular and growing problem. According to PEW, 82% of "immigrants" in 2015 were non-white, and likely many whites are low-achieving Muslims. In Flint, Michigan, Muslims (counted as white) score as poorly as blacks. Hispanics made up 48% of the total in 2015.

Except for Chile, Latin American intellectual failure rates fall far below low-achieving American blacks.

Their children do poorly in schools forcing taxpayers to waste disproportionate resources while lowering standards to avoid accusations of racism.

This can be seen in all school systems in states with a high Hispanic population. In Texas alone, reading and math proficiency has fallen 50% from 2010-2021.

In Chicago with a student body 46.7% Hispanic/Latino 75% are failing math and reading. And this is multi-generational problem.

See the graphic 67% Hispanic immigrants in the US over 15 years are functional illiterate.

Mass immigration from low-achieving OECD nations has driven American education into the gutter. We don't get enough East Asian immigrants to compensate for the millions of low achievers. Even many of the immigrants from China are poor, rural peasants.

Let's throw in as many as 6 million plus illegal aliens over the last two years. The numbers will get worse.

Hispanics have a 52% single mother birth rate.

Another problem with Hispanics is the staggering levels of single mothers, even in Latin America. In the US, Hispanics are eclipsing blacks for single-mother homes and the social ills and high welfare costs this causes. Their unmarried family failure rate is over 52%. For whites the failure rate is ~27%.

This is not a direct question of race. Argentina is mostly white but suffers constant political instability and low PISA scores ranking near the bottom.

To quote a study from Bear-Stearns in 2005 how illegal aliens distort the entire economy as many costs are hidden or shifted elsewhere:

States with high populations of undocumented immigrants have experienced extra demand for public services. The top nine states, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois , New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina account for approximately 50% of the undocumented population. Although the federal government has the sole authority to govern immigration flows, the responsibility for providing support to legal and illegal immigrants rests with the state and local governments

This is why Blue States and cities that support illegal aliens want them to go elsewhere.

The number of illegal immigrants in the United States may be as high as 20 million people, more than double the official 9 million people estimated by the Census Bureau...The social expenses of health care, retirement funding, education and law enforcement are potentially accruing at $30 billion per year...the United States may be foregoing $35 billion a year in income tax collections because of the number of jobs that are now off the books...

The United States is simply hooked on cheap, illegal workers and deferring the costs of providing public services to these quasi-Americans. Illegal immigration has been America’s way of competing with the low-wage forces of Asia and Latin America, and deserves more credit for the steroid-enhanced effect it has had on productivity, low inflation, housing starts, and retail sales.

The reality is millions are left in poverty both native born and illegal alien. Blacks in particular have been displaced out of entire industries such as meat packing.

The illegal alien population as of 2023 with the Biden surge easily exceeds 30 million.

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